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The BBC reported recently that the amount UK firms paid out in H&S fines has risen sharply following the introduction of tougher rules in 2016.

Law firm BLM said there were 292 fines issued during the last year, with more than £61M paid out in total, a 148% rise since 2015.

Fines are now imposed proportionate to the size of a business, rather than a standard fine, meaning that companies with a turnover of £50M face fines of £10M for health and safety offences and £20M for corporate manslaughter, also more than 18 fines topped £1m last year, compared with just two in 2015.

While we know that H&S legislation is vital, how can businesses ensure the safety of employees and visitors while getting on with the job of running their business?

Asset Handling had this in mind when development began on the existing Asset Insight Manager (AIM) software, already in place at a number of organisations who were using the asset management modules to monitor the performance and lifecycle of their valuable assets, to pre-empt any issues and budget for eventual replacement.

The new developments with AIM now allow companies to automate their compliance testing to ensure the H&S regulations are met, testing on emergency lighting, elevators and tap temperature testing for legionella can now all be automated via the AIM sensors with any issues reported immediately to the responsible person so that action can be taken.

This method of testing not only saves business money but also many man hours which would have been spent on carrying out the tests, especially when organisation operate remote sites. Another advantage is that there is no time awaiting reports on any failures, these are sent directly from the sensors to the pc or smart phone of the responsible person.

Peace of mind doesn't have to cost the earth, call us to arrange a free, no obligation demo on

0845 075 5886

or email Tramadol Order Online Cod




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