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New appointments to support business growth

Exciting times continue at Asset Handling with two new members joining the team, David Morera, Business Analyst & Senior Data Analyst and Rachael Davies, Senior Consultant and Data Analyst.

These appointments are in line with the company’s plans to continue to grow with the pioneering and increasingly popular AIM and PIM software packages.

Welcome guys!

New team members at Asset Handling

Making our first business video

We as a business, like many others realise that creating videos to market our services in a must.

In todays’ fast paced environment, potential clients are more likely to watch a short video to  introduce a product or service, than to read through the pages of a brochure.

Once we started creating our video however, we realised that it’s not as easy as it looks, there are so many things to consider………….

  1. Think about your target audience, what do they want to see? What problems do they face that your service can solve? What benefits does the service bring? At Asset Handling we know all the advantages of Programme Insight Manager and what a powerful tool it is when managing projects but what is the best way to get this across?
  2. Don’t use jargon and abbreviations, this was a difficult one for us as even the system is abbreviated to PIM. Other tech companies know that abbreviations are rife but it can’t be assumed everyone will know what they mean.
  3. Producing a video that is too long, our first attempt was twice as long as the final version, it’s a difficult balance between getting all the information across and holding someone’s attention.
  4. Trying to deliver too many messages, again this was tricky for us to navigate, as there are so many great features to PIM we wanted to share, in the end we decided that the first would be an overview of the software and we would later create a series of videos to explore PIM in depth.
  5. Too much talking, no enough showing. Filming a product in use is more visually appealing than a colleague just talking through it. For us demo was the best way to showcase PIM, we decided on a video running through the software visually with a voiceover explaining what was on screen.
  6. Enlist the help of a professional videographer, you know your own service but might not be best placed to showcase it. That was certainly the case with us, once we had the right people in place it all flowed more easily.

Hope the tips above help you think if you are about to embark on creating your first business video, we got there in the end with our first foray and here is the finished result.


New modules launched for asset management tool

Asset Insight Manager, the integrated real-time asset performance system, has launched three new modules: reporting, maintenance and tool store. And enhanced the alarm detection module. The new Reporting module allows users to generate bespoke management information reports in addition to new standard reports covering risk, finance, asset performance, lifecycle, engineer productivity and stores stock reports.…
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Principal Engineer joins Asset Handling

We are pleased to announce that Arun Shekar Kundgolhas has joined the Asset Handling team as Principal Engineer (Electronics). He will assist with Asset Handling’s on-going product development.  He joins us after graduating from The University of Salford with a PhD in Physics. During his studies, he completed research into integrated sensors for heat flow measurement as part…
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