The Institute of Cancer Research

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Initially The Institute of Cancer Research selected Asset Handling to complete asset verification and criticality assessments for its assets in high risk, critical environments. From the data collected during the assessments, risks registers were created to identify all potential risks and their maintenance regime was redesigned to mitigate all the risks that were found.

The RCM maintenance study identified many critical assets that required real time monitoring to detect and prevent asset failure. As a result, Asset Handling’s AH21 condition monitors were deployed to monitor 80 critical assets.

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The AH21 condition monitors provide onsite engineers with real-time data so they can easily monitor the health of assets. The comprehensive solution monitors asset vibration, temperature, power and acoustics from an intuitive, customised dashboard to predict and prevent breakdowns. This consolidated data allows the Institute of Cancer Research to make informed decisions regarding maintenance regimes, life cycle replacement and capital investment. The organisation can now intelligently deploy engineers and focus on under-performing assets to prevent failure.

The AIM system quickly detects if an asset starts to behave erratically and instantly notifies engineers of the problem via email and text so they can respond immediately to prevent breakdowns in critical environments before they impact the organisation.

Its comprehensive tools also integrate risks, mitigation, performance, life cycle data and maintenance regimes.  Using Asset Insight Manager, The Institute of Cancer Research can confidently predict the estimated replacement dates for all its assets. The organisation is utilising the life cycle replacement model within the AIM system to manage its capital replacement programme for the next 25 years. The programme will help optimise maintenance regimes and reduce downtime.


Using Asset Insight Manager has enabled The Institute of Cancer Research to:

  • Quickly identify risks and prevent potential failure of critical assets
  • Make informed decisions based on insights into every aspect of asset performance using live monitoring
  • Easily visualise the performance of assets
  • Utilise life cycle replacement model to manage capital replacement programme for 25 years
  • Access real-time, quantified asset readings to increase response times to pre-failure conditions
  • Use the life cycle data to make important decisions regarding maintenance, re-engineering and required capital investment
  • Reduce costs associated with unplanned downtime and continuity disruption.

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