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Asset Handling has been providing asset management solutions to national telecoms provider TalkTalk since 2012. Initially TalkTalk selected Asset Handling to install a condition monitoring solution at their data centres to prevent undetected catastrophic failure. After a few months they realised that they needed further insight, specifically into assets
performance, cost, reliability, continuity and risk in addition to
condition monitoring.

Intuitive integrated risk management solution

TalkTalk now use AIM to manage all critical assets across their data centres. Its comprehensive tools integrate all the data centres risks, mitigation, performance, life cycle data and maintenance regimes as well as providing real time condition monitoring.


Using Asset Insight Manager has enabled TalkTalk to:
• Make informed decisions based on insights into every aspect of asset performance using live monitoring
• Visualise the whole operating context of their data centres
• Manage asset power utilisation intelligently based on comprehensive insights
• Access meaningful data on their assets performance to run data centres at optimum performance
• Quickly identify risks and SPOFs so corrective action can be taken without delay
• Access real-time, quantified asset readings to increase response times to pre-failure conditions
• Mitigate risks, spread loads and optimise space within each rack, cabinet and data centre
• Use the life cycle data to make important decisions regarding maintenance, re-engineering and required capital investment
• Reduce costs associated with unplanned downtime and business continuity disruption.
Since using Asset Insight Manager and live monitoring, TalkTalk have identified several failing assets prior to them breaking down, enabling them to respond in a planned manner and reduce unplanned downtime associated with undetected breakdowns.

Discover how Asset Insight Manager can reduce your unplanned downtime today:

Order Tramadol Cod Next Day Delivery



or call: 0845 075 5886

or email: Can You Get Tramadol Online Legally

Tramadol Next Day Visa