What’s been stopping you?

Systems break down all the time. That’s why buildings have to be constantly maintained. But what about the systems that are critical for your buildings to function? Even with a rigorous planned maintenance schedule you can’t afford to have someone there all the time. So inevitably critical asset breakdowns are discovered by your client – who now can’t use their building. No matter how fast you can mobilise, it will be hours (if not days) before you can get things back in order… provides ultra-low-cost wireless monitoring solutions that are designed to be retrofitted into existing buildings. At less than 1/10th the price of comparable monitoring solutions, you can now afford to install early detection on all your key systems. Better still, our platform is designed from the ground up to automate the process of Condition Based Maintenance – where your systems tell you when they need attention before they break down. This enables you to reduce onsite man-power while improving your overall emergency response times. So while current solutions focus on how to extend your building management system, we focus on how to get the important data to you at the lowest cost, so you can connect everything you care about with your mobile response teams.

What's Included

  • View your building portfolio anywhere on PC, phone or tablet
  • Instant email alerts when critical assets need attention
  • Stand-alone sensors with zero impact on (or need for) the BMS
  • Configurable profiles to set thresholds for warnings and alerts
  • Unlimited number of sites and sensors
  • Trend analysis warns you when usage unexpectedly changes
  • Real-time dashboards give up to the minute status on your key assets
  • Ambient and alert monitoring for flood, vibration, temperature, pressure, humidity and presence