CBM allows preventive and corrective actions to be scheduled at the optimal time by monitoring the condition or performance of equipment through various technologies, and collecting, analysing and identifying real-time data trends to project equipment failure. Action can be taken to prevent or delay failure, ensuring that the reliability of the equipment remains high.Based on best practice data science techniques and algorithms, our complete software and hardware solution will detect events and anomalies with your asset performance providing the data for our machine learning models to predict asset degradation and failure to help identify, prioritise and deliver your asset investment plans Various process parameters and material samples, such as:


Changes in pressure can be a key indicator that an asset may be at risk of failure. Sensors compare the pressure continuously against the baseline data to allow early detection of any possible issues.


The monitoring and regulating of temperature is critical to many industries, in for example food safety and pharmaceutical environments. Changes in temperature is also an indicator of an assets performance and condition and are monitored for even the smallest changes.


Some machinery is meant to vibrate, other equipment isn’t supposed to move at all. Either way measuring vibration is essential to monitoring the condition of assets and providing early warning to any risk of failure.


Changes in the acoustics of equipment could indicate an underlying issue, but not all noises are detectable to the human ear. The sensors can detect the slightest change to the acoustics of an asset to provide an early warning to any potential problems.


The sensors measure flow rates to detect anomalies and also use the flow measurement as part of equipment performance monitoring and asset degradation.

Oil Analysis

Tribology readings are utilised as part of other all asset health, on line oil analysis sensors can detect the quality of the lubricants and alert users if the oil requires changing or debris has been detected in the oil.