Asset Insight Manager

Asset Insight Manager (AIM) is an end to end asset management and compliance monitoring solution empowering your business to capture, monitor, analyse and segment key data, providing and integrating real insight into assets performance and condition.






Full visibility of your buildings, systems and assets on a PC, phone or tablet

Real time monitoring for vibration, temperature, power and acoustics

Automation of Emergency Lighting Testing and Legionella Monitoring & Flushing

Risk registers and mitigation to manage, visualise, identify and prevent risk

Instant email and text alerts when assets need attention

Configurable limits for each asset to set thresholds for warnings and alerts

Customised dashboards for key asset insight and visualisation

Simple installation of our wireless condition monitor sensors

Real time alerts sent to engineers to give them data of pending failure



AIM allows businesses to make informed decisions based on real insights on all aspects of an assets performance including life cycle, maintenance regimes and capital investment requirements.



The AIM condition monitors allow access to real time data, identifying risks and problem areas so corrective action can be taken without delay reducing the costs and other implications of unplanned downtime and business continuity disruption.

And with the rise in prosecutions for health and safety breaches the compliance monitoring aspect of the AIM system ensures that you stay within regulations.

Bespoke advanced reporting dashboard's provide full visibility of all buildings, systems and assets, customised to show the performance metrics most critical to your business, and the system integration ability enables AIM to link data feeds from BMS and energy management systems. This provides  consolidated performance dashboards which can be personalised for each user based on their individual responsibilities and key drivers.

  • The AIM system uses our sensors fitted directly to the asset to record power, temperature, vibration and acoustics which are compared to baseline readings.


    Any variations are picked up and instant alerts are sent from your critical assets to engineer’s smartphones to give them mobile access to all the information they need to make repairs quickly and efficiently before failure occurs.


    Imagine being able to monitor the health of your assets to predict failure and lifecycle? AIM allows you to do exactly that, saving time and money on unnecessary maintenance and unplanned downtime and allowing you to plan and budget for when assets need to be replaced.

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