Programme Insight Manager


Programme Insight Manager or PIM, is a Software as a Service Solution designed to give businesses a full real time view of all projects, accessing all key project information from a single source of the truth integrated with existing systems.




Provides a single source of consolidated project information

Efficient and consistent data collection

Promotes knowledge transfer and sharing

Enforced delivery quality

Integrated, robust and auditable processes

Clear definition of project roles and responsibilities

Promotes early and rapid decision making

Role-based views providing targeted performance information

Effective risk and change management

Centralised data provides insight and real-time collaboration

Align project delivery with corporate objectives

Monte Carlo Simulation and PERT Distribution

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Key project information can be simply consolidated to produce over 20 executive summary reports on over 30 KPIs for directors, pulling together an overview of financial control, resource, risk and earned value management.

The data used to provide the reports is pulled from one source, enabling reports to be produced quickly and via batch processes, saving time and eventually eliminating double handling errors by making them easy to spot.

Our Clients tell us that it is the ease of use which makes PIM so popular among project managers, from the initial map view at the Home Page within a few clicks you can be viewing in depth project detail.


PIM also offers the powerful Monte Carlo risk analysis tool and PERT distribution which are used to model data for sensitivity analysis of the risk register and to simulate different scenarios of cost and schedule impact for an identified risk.

From this information dashboards are produced to provide a clear visual of how different factors affect the risk helping users prioritise those risks.

Our PIM system has been proven to save time and money for our clients by; allowing them to spend more time utilising their data than preparing it, avoiding double entries and allowing greater access to data, giving clarity of objectives, targets and performance improvements.

For more information about PIM and how it can help your business contact us to arrange a demo on 0845 075 5886 or email [email protected]