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Asset Handling have installed our AIM condition monitoring solution on to a 5MW Nitrogen compressor at BOC Scunthorpe to allow them to predict failure signs ahead of the issues becoming a catastrophic failure.

Our real time monitoring will monitor the compressors vibration, bearing temps, acoustic and the compressors power levels, while the artificial intelligence engine will learn the normal behaviour and alert key personal if an event is detected.

The consolidated data will allow BOC to make informed decisions regarding maintenance regimes, lifecycle replacement and capital investment.

Our condition monitoring device communicate wireless back to our data concentrator that is connected to a 4g router, therefore
independent of the clients network which allows quick installation, without impact on any other business areas.

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Condition Based Maintenance (CBM) allows preventative and corrective actions to be scheduled at the optimal time by monitoring the condition or performance of equipment through various technologies and collecting, analysing and identifying real-time data trends to predict equipment failure. Action can then be taken to prevent or delay failure, ensuring that the reliability of the equipment remains high.

CBM uses the actual condition of the asset, via Spectral Vibration Analysis to decide what maintenance must be carried out, while dictating that maintenance should only be performed on an as-needed basis when key indicators show signs of decreasing performance or upcoming failure.

Various process parameters and material samples such as pressure, temperature, vibration, acoustics, flow, materials for example oil and air and any 4-20mA signal are used in CBM as indicators of system and equipment health, performance and integrity, providing information for the timely scheduling of corrective action.

The immediate benefits of such a highly sophisticated prognostic maintenance tool are that it can recognise developing faults within a machine, identifying factors that can cause faults to develop in the first place. The greater benefit is derived from a combined technology approach that can be used to dramatically increase machine operating life, productivity and ultimately business profitability.

It must be noted that CBM should not be used to substitute the more traditional maintenance management methods, such as run to failure, but as a valuable addition to a comprehensive, total maintenance programme.

Contact us to find out more on 0845 075 5886 or [email protected]

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