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Overview We understand what data really matters, who needs that data, what they will do with it and come up with a dashboard solution that meets your needs. Information is transformed into insight, providing your organisation with dashboards that are easy to read and instantly actionable. From identifying key metrics to best practices in dashboard design and development,…
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  Programme Insight Manager or PIM, is a Software as a Service Solution designed to give businesses a full real time view of all projects, accessing all key project information from a single source of the truth integrated with existing systems.    Overview Provides a single source of consolidated project information Efficient and consistent data…
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[mp_row] [mp_span col="12"] [box] [row] [span4] [service_box title="Asset Insight Manager" icon="icon1" text="Predictive, real-time asset monitoring" btn_text="read more" btn_link="https://www.assethandling.com/products/asset-insight-manager/" btn_size="normal" target="_self"] [service_box title="Project Management" icon="icon2" text="Eliminate process inefficiencies " btn_text="read more" btn_link="https://www.assethandling.com/consulting/portfolio-project-management/" btn_size="normal" target="_self" custom_class="extra"] [/span4] [span4] [service_box title="Prog. Insight Manager" icon="icon3" text="Optimise your workforce and resources" btn_link="https://www.assethandling.com/products/programme-insight-manager/" btn_size="normal" target="_self"] [service_box title="Systems Integration" icon="icon4" text="Expert advice…
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