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Condition Based Maintenance (CBM) allows preventative and corrective actions to be scheduled at the optimal time by monitoring the condition or performance of equipment through various technologies and collecting, analysing and identifying real-time data trends to predict equipment failure. Action can then be taken to prevent or delay failure, ensuring that the reliability of the equipment remains high.

CBM uses the actual condition of the asset, via Spectral Vibration Analysis to decide what maintenance must be carried out, while dictating that maintenance should only be performed on an as-needed basis when key indicators show signs of decreasing performance or upcoming failure.

Various process parameters and material samples such as pressure, temperature, vibration, acoustics, flow, materials for example oil and air and any 4-20mA signal are used in CBM as indicators of system and equipment health, performance and integrity, providing information for the timely scheduling of corrective action.

The immediate benefits of such a highly sophisticated prognostic maintenance tool are that it can recognise developing faults within a machine, identifying factors that can cause faults to develop in the first place. The greater benefit is derived from a combined technology approach that can be used to dramatically increase machine operating life, productivity and ultimately business profitability.

It must be noted that CBM should not be used to substitute the more traditional maintenance management methods, such as run to failure, but as a valuable addition to a comprehensive, total maintenance programme.

Contact us to find out more on 0845 075 5886 or [email protected]

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Christmas is fast approaching and people everywhere are busy buying and wrapping gifts, getting the food shop and dressing the tree.

But for many of us work doesn't stop over the holidays so it's wise to do what you can to limit the impact on your Christmas break. If your role involves taking care of valuable assets such as data cabinets, conveyor or fire systems to name a few, then Asset Handling can help.

The Asset Insight Manager (AIM) system uses AH21 sensors attached to the assets to send a stream of continuous real time data on the condition and performance of the asset to your PC, tablet or smartphone.

Spectral analysis identifies trends reducing and eliminating false alarms, so you are only alerted if there is a genuine fault, with fewer interruptions you can relax and enjoy the festive season.

This is only a small part of what AIM can do, so please give us a call to find out how AIM can help you better manage your assets................and your time.

Merry Christmas x

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There are exciting new developments afoot at Asset Handling with additional solutions being developed for Asset Insight Manager, we are now upgrading the existing AH21 sensors to incorporate an environmental monitoring solution including continuous remote Vibration analysis to enable customers to improve rotary equipment reliability and monitor its trend over time.Â

Our units record vibration using high frequency accelerometers attached to the asset on multiple mounting points to detect multiple failure scenarios and optimum orientation.  The data is recorded and sent to our cloud based system for analysis of critical bands within the spectrum for the type of asset being monitored to detect potential operating issues.Â

Vibration analysis can detect a wide variety of issues with

  • Gearing
  • Alignment
  • Electrical
  • Bearings
  • Balance
  • Looseness (between stationary and moving parts)
  • Over tension

High resolution velocity spectrums at a 2 second duration @ 0.5Hz resolution  are available for viewing online allowing engineers to compare results over time or to assess the impact of maintenance regimes leading to a more cost effective and proactive intervention practice.

Machine learning is being applied to the spectral data to identify patterns and any changes to those patterns so that engineers can be notified to perform a more detailed analysis. Spectral data coupled with maintenance records and failure modes allows the algorithm to more accurately predict the cause of failure at component level and aid root cause analysis.

Our unit is designed to improve the reliability of your assets and reduce the risk of failure critical assets

  • Online continuous vibration analysis
  • Machine learning to detect anomalies or remote access for engineering review
  • Reduced unnecessary & costly interventions
  • Gain access offsite expertise
  • Reduce Expensive downtimes
  • Easily identify assets requiring closer inspection/intervention across portfolio
  • Optimisation of invasive maintenance activities through real-time monitoring

Our units are IP69 rated as standard allowing the units to be fitted in harsh environments, we also offer an ATEX EXD rated unit for the ZONE 0 application in the petrochemical and pharmaceutical industries.

The benefits of the upgraded AH21 units with spectral analysis are that in addition to monitoring data which alerts to any potential issues, the machine learning element takes into account any behaviour that is normal for that particular asset but which may previously have flagged as an issue. Environmental factors such as where the asset is situated are also taken into account.

The time and money effective asset management will save cannot be underestimated, give us a call on 0845 075 5886  or use the contact form on the website to arrange a free demo.

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