We understand what data really matters, who needs that data, what they will do with it and come up with a dashboard solution that meets your needs. Information is transformed into insight, providing your organisation with dashboards that are easy to read and instantly actionable.

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From identifying key metrics to best practices in dashboard design and development, our advisors have the expertise to make sure your dashboards are a lasting and resounding success. That's why organisations in every industry turn to Asset Handling and TIBCO to present the data that drives their business.

Once the key metrics have been identified our team of developers can either assist your own team in the deployment or complete the whole project as a turn key solution on your behalf. Our team have integrated Jaspersoft Dashboards for a number of our clients including the creation of data warehouses for centralisation of data to meet reporting requirements.

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Business Intelligence in the Cloud

Business intelligence is all about making your business's data work for you. In order to accurately analyse your business data and make informed business decisions, all of the data must be easily available, up to date and your business must know how to interpret it. 

In order to implement an effective business intelligence system its vital to have an infrastructure to support a rapidly scaling data analytics environment, to have the expertise and technology to acquire the data (from both in-house systems and external sources) and to know what to do with the data (how to organise it and deliver it to business users so it is usable).

Scalability is attained by finding the right cloud IaaS provider , that has the servers, CPU and storage built from the ground up to support cloud computing. Speed is derived from finding the right PaaS and SaaS provider that has a preconfigured application infrastructure in place to support cloud-based analytics. This includes preconfigured databases, analytics, security and access. It includes cloud data integration tools that are ready to connect to on-premise systems, cloud-based systems, and social media and other sources in order to acquire the data. The provider must have the data warehousing and business intelligence experience and knowledge to build a software solution.

Asset Handling work with a number of cloud providers to deliver Business Intelligence in the cloud integrating with yours and your client's system

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Key Benefits

  • Instant notifications and alerts
  • Data annotations
  • Interactive data visualisations
  • Dashboard customisations
  • Microsoft integration
  • Dashboard mash ups
  • Visualise data for at-a-glance understanding
  • Analyse your cube-based OLAP data
  • Works on all smartphones and tablets
  • Monitor key performance drivers